SuperHeroes 2000


A fighting game with the best superheroes ever


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MUGEN, the development platform for 2D fighting games, lets you create games without having much programming experience and add fan-created characters to your roster of selectable heroes. SuperHeroes 2000 reflects this idea and focuses on the most popular characters from Marvel, DC, and other studios.

The cast of characters consists of 190 characters from countless series, including those taken directly from the classic Capcom genres in the '90s as well as entirely new creations made by fans.

You can control characters from classics like Batman or Captain America as well as lesser known heroes like Lobo, Spawn, or Rorschach from Watchmen. This near-endless variety is true of other aspects of the game, too, as it includes 92 different settings and virtually all the game modes that can be implemented in MUGEN.

There are many games like this, but in the case of SuperHeroes 2000, it's a dream team. This is a huge game that does not focus on adding characters without rhyme or reason, but choosing each in its best incarnation as created by the users and then improving them with each version.
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